Shazam and Soundhound – Top 2 first-rate song identifier app


Shazam and Soundhound song identifier apps – Hey music lovers this article is for you, hope you would like it. Shazam app and Soundhound app are not like other music player app. However, the interesting feature of both the app is they identify the songs by sounds. Yes, you heard it right both of this app is music identifier app.

So, have you ever imagined how our world would be like if music had never existed. You know without music movies and TV series or ads are boring to watch, Michael Jackson could have died an ordinary man, Wedding, birthday or any occasion are lifeless. The world would be a very quiet place. I am here with music app but it is not like an ordinary music player app.

Generally, once in a while you listen to the song from somewhere but you don’t know the name of the song at that instant how could you find it without a name, so this app solved your problem and both of the apps are correctly identifying the music for you, isn’t it interesting?

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You can easily download both the apps from google play store as the link is given below,


Shazam song identifier

Download Shazam app from below link,


shazam, song idetifier, music idetifier


SoundHound song identifier

You can download SoundHound app from below link,


soundhound, song idetifier, music idetifier


Difference between Shazam and SoundHound

  • Shazam need actual song for reorganization where as SoundHound can recognize the song if you are singing close to the tune.
  • Shazam easily recognize the song in quieter environment where as SoundHound has the capability to catch the song in loud and noisy environment too.
  • You can use Shazam in background to listen the songs where as you need to open SoundHound app explicitly to listen the song.


Shazam and Sound hound both are song finder app by sound. Now you don’t need to search the song if you have these apps. I hope you find this short article useful to continue your love for music.

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