Memrise – Learn languages online 2018


Memrise – Learn languages online 2018 – The Memrise app is one of the best language learning apps. By using memrise you can learn languages online. This app provides facility to learn 200+ languages worldwide. Memrise comes with two modes: Free mode and Pro mode. In free mode you can learn new words, classic review and speed review while in pro mode you can get difficult word to learn, improve your listening skill, it has meet the native option, Grammabot, chatbots and offline mode.


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Languages have changed country to country or specific region to region. Without knowing the particular language for the different region, there will be a communication barrier. However, the memrise app has solved your barrier of language. Because by using this app you can speak and understand the particular language and improve your vocabulary for that language.

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Features of Memrise language learning app

  • Memrise is mainly focused on words and phrase.
  • Lessons begin with words and phrase usually.
  • Words and phrase are pronounced and translated.
  • You can find videos of the native speaker.
  • A free user gets three out of six learning module while pro user gets six out of six modules for learning a new language.


Memrise, Memrise app, Spanish language, French language, Best language learning apps, German language, Languages online


Download the Memrise app

You can download the memrise app from below,

Memrise – Learn new languages


The free version has the module like learn new words in the first, you can make strong already learned words and phrase in second and you can play a game of quick answer at last.

Pro version has difficult words module where you can learn the words you are having difficulty with can be improved in special session. Listening skill module can test your power of hearing that how much words you can listen correctly. One of the best feature is Meet the Native module where you can find videos of native speakers with their natural habitat. Moreover, at the end of the video clip, you will be asked the questions to match the correct answer which you listen to the video. Grammabot module is a new feature where you can learn and improve the grammar of selected language. Chatbots module can improve your language skills with a real conversation like you are chatting with somebody who knows that particular language.

This app contains the default languages as Chinese, English, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Mexican Spanish, Russian.

Mermrise app is the winner of the best app for android in 2015 and recognized to be the best app winner by Google Play Awards.

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Learn new languages with the help of memrise app and improve your knowledge and vocabulary for the specific language.

I know this article might be short but it will be very helpful for you to understand and learn new languages in an entertainment way.


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