Download Kingroot app to root android phone


Kingroot app is used to root android phone which gives you a superuser access. Don’t you feel like James bond, not at all, rooting doesn’t mean that you can access the outside functionality like to control some outside devices in James bond movie but rooting an android phone means to remove restrictions and limitations from your device and you would be able to get some additional access of your android phone to perform administrative task. After you root device King root allows more access to the operating system. Rooted android phones are more powerful than unrooted android devices.

So, now you know what root is. However, I know you have a question in your head that, what can you do after root android phone?

Moreover, Benefits are there after root android device. Do not worry I will help you to find out the benefits of your superuser access,

  • You can install incompatible app which need root access before. This apps which can help you to customize and tweak your device hardware and software.
  • Battery backup is one of the crucial factor that many people would like to root their devices. However, we can use app like Greenify to kill background apps to enhance battery backup.
  • Installation of custom ROMs is also one of the best feature that people are push to root android phone. Custom ROMs allows you to test latest android version or it provides several performance fixes and tweaks that is more user friendly than current one.
  • Without rooting you cannot backup your whole device but if your phone is rooted then you can take whole backup including your game backup using android root apps like titanium backup.
  • You can remove pre-loaded android app which comes with your device.

Do you wish to be a superuser? Yes, you can download Rootking from below link,



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How to root android phone by using Kingroot?

  • Once download is completed, tap on it and install the kingroot app.
  • After successfully installed, open the app.
  • You will get purify screen where you can see “try it” as below screenshot. Press it and you will be entering in the main user interface.

  • Now press get now button and rooting process will start to root your phone.
  • Do not turn off our phone while rooting process is running. However, your phone will reboot many times so don’t be panic. You will be return to the main user interface once rooting process completed.
  • After completed above steps install RootChecker to verify your phone is rooted or not. Download RootChecker from below link,



  • It is free of cost.
  • unroot option is inbuilt.
  • One click root and unroot your android phone.
  • To optimize your device and save battery it has preinstalled Purify tool.
  • approximately root all android phone.

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  • It requires internet connection to root your phone.
  • It can root only android lollipop 5.0 or lower versions.
  • Ads are pop-up on your lock screen.

If you need to root your android phone which is higher version than lollipop 5.0 then you can use Framaroot is also a rooting app like kingroot.

However, every great power comes with little downside. Yes, now I let you know about some risk factor if you root your phone,

  • Brands doesn’t allow root your phone because it voids warranty. It means brand do not take any responsibility if something wrong happens with your phone, so it’s better to confirm with your customer support.
  • You will not get updates automatically after rooting. You should update your phone manually.
  • Virus attack might be possible as many root apps comes with virus which harm your android device.
  • You will lose high security of your device after root and you need to be careful before using bank apps or other important apps.



After reading this article you are knowing many things about kingroot and root your android phone with its benefits and risk. So, root gives you immense power, but you also have to be careful with that power. Still you have any question please feel free to ask in comment.

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