PUBG mobile tips and tricks to win chicken dinner 2019


PUBG mobile tips and tricks to win chicken dinner: People need PUBG tips to play and tricks to win PUBG with their friends. PUBG is one of the most trending game nowadays.  I am here to provide you with some useful tips and tricks to win chicken dinner of pubg mobile.


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Tips and Tricks to win chicken dinner of PUBG mobile

Here is the guide or some tips and tricks to win chicken dinner in PUBG “classic” game mode :-


1. Don’t get yourself killed

The game is about survival not about killing. Hide as much as you could, while hiding if you want to look 360 degree then use eye option at mobile screen instead of moving your body which would create sound and enemy could trace you. Kill when you have to if somebody comes to get you down. If you love to take calculated risk like me then get yourself a window on good height at least 1st floor where you could peek and snipe/spray/burst. You need to know when to stay low and when to fire.


2. Educate yourself

You need to know about pros n cons of different rifles, what are the use of various attachments (like compensator, suppressor etc.) in rifles, What attachments to use for short/long range. Get yourself to theory before you come to field. I’m telling you without proper knowledge, would make you a defeated soldier every time. The game is so brilliant and justifies laws of physics; it’s not for amateurs. I made few friends; and one of them plays like a ghost; he serves in army and fights like real in game; thanks to creators of this dynamic game who took precise-real physics in account even when comes to the recoil of gun.

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3. Get yourself light weighted

Get yourself light weighted so you could act fast; like running fast in zig-zag direction when you’re a alone and squad taking shots on you. Keep only necessary inventory when comes to arms, ammo & other equipment’s i.e. rifle attachments, bombs etc. Give safety the priority; pick level-3 bulletproof jacket & helmet even it makes you heavy and take power up stuffs (first aid- 3, prioritize painkiller over energy drinks- 10 in total, bandages-10, medikit-1 if you’re lucky). There is an old saying for a reason- Keep your baggage less physically and mentally. Throw the useless ammo, arms & attachments when you get the ones with which you want to play.


4. Apply Strategy

Don’t be slave of attractive rifles; Make a combination of assault rifle for short/mid range killing and sniper rifle for long range killing with same kind of ammo. Like I make a combination of Mini 14 sniper rifle and assault rifle M416/SCARL if I get good amount of ammo 5.56mm bullets (the best combo for me); In this way I am light weighted and 210 bullets 5.56 ammo are enough till end. Or I go for AKM assault rifle and Kar98 sniper rifle (I hate this sniper rifle but still better than SKS) if I find enough 7.62mm. In starting, I keep both ammo and within 2min time, by doing math’s n trusting a bit of luck; I start throwing other ammo bullets.

In the worst case (if you don’t get assault rifle) then at least get a Semi machine gun UMP 9 (9mm ammo) with a red dot. If you don’t get a sniper rifle, then search for M16A4, it’s assault rifle with a negligible recoil and has great burst; I don’t know if am insane but I treat it like a sniper rifle even with 2x scope; it worked for me. When I have a good amount of rounds of 7.62mm ammo and an AKM and if I don’t find Mini 14 sniper rifle and have just 60 rounds of 5.56mm then also, I trust M16A4 for sniping even it’s an assault rifle as I hate Kar98/SKS.


5. The game is of survival

Even the game is of survival; I take risks to get better ammo and rifles & it’s attachments; like 6x zoom. If travel map allows; I need to get to Pochinki to increase the probability to get such kinds of stuff but Remember Point No. 1. If you are scared of Pochinki, then don’t waste time in the sky; quickly get to the ground so you could have an early access to the good weapons.


6. Don’t be greedy

Don’t go for airdrops. When you kill someone then don’t be that fool who instantly jumps out of the window to loot deceased’s package. Wait; somebody would be watching you like you were watching the target before you make him deceased.

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7. Always keep a check on the safe zone

Don’t stretch much. With team unity; it’s easy to win but if your teammates are greedy then leave them and get to the safe zone. Before jumping out from cargo plane, tell your teammates to be loyal and helpful to each other and stay sane.


8. Have patience but stay alert

Be strong when comes to mind and have great reflexes, get the ears on to listen movement of enemies even if they haven’t wear shoes still you would get a bit of sound, keep checking the map which shows you enemies nearby via footprints, fire shots (some might use suppressor; would not be shown on map), don’t run fast/random every time, you need to know when to crouch (like when you’re in open or to avoid footprints when you’re at ground floor when enemies are on above floors); Play the game like army acts; Second time telling you to remember Point No. 1.


9. When playing with team, keep mic at “team” option

Keeping mic at “all” could allows enemies to listen you and could help to trace your position. The audio support is to make team mates talk in real time so you could change strategies accordingly or could alert other teammates. Don’t speak if not needed; it may unshaken the focus and get the whole squad killed.


10. Aim at head

Practice it; it gives more damage i.e. takes less bullets n less time to knock someone down. When you are alone with no vehicle, and squad attacks you in open place, if you’re lucky and those guys are not pro then only aiming at head could save you. Firstly knock down the first three and then kill all four. If you spend more time to completely kill one then you have less time to kill others.

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11. Apart from above points

There are many small and useful tactics which you learn with experience. Like, pro players don’t kill but knock out the enemy and wait for his companion to revive him and when he comes then he takes them both. There are many more tactics n strategies, will update some other day.




Even if your teammates died in just 1min, even if you don’t get good rifle and attachments still you could win just obey Point No. (1–10) and with experience (Point No. 11) you would learn to develop and execute strategies/tactics. I hope you would like the mentioned PUBG mobile tips and tricks. Please mentioned in comments if you know any useful tips or tricks to win PUBG mobile.


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  1. tips and tricks of pubg had really worked out for me add some more tips and tricks as i am addicted to this game .

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