How to use android instant apps of Google 2018?


Android instant apps – How to use android instant apps of Google 2018?:  You will get to know about android instant apps of Google and how to use instant apps in this article. instant apps are those apps which you directly use without installing. Android instant apps are the ones we will like to use in nearer future.

With the evolution of apps, apps have become more user-friendly. At the cost of becoming heavier, unfortunately, the phone storage has not revolved at a proportional rate. So, wouldn’t it be nice if we have the option of using certain android apps without actually requiring them to be installed on our devices? You certainly can, and that’s what I wrote this article about android instant apps. So, without wasting any more time; let’s dive right into the solution to the problem.


What are android instant apps?

Instant apps are the next step in our evolution. It is a universal Android solution that combines the speed and power of a native app with the ease of use. The look and feel are exactly like the apps that are installed on your phone, but you don’t necessarily have to download anything. Instant apps launched with just the tap on a URL. To make this happen, developers break their apps into smaller vulnerable parts, so that they can be gone within a matter of seconds. This feature was initially available only to a selected bunch of developers that is until Google made this public. In the Google i/o, which happened in May 2017, instant Apps do not have any technical limitations and developers can offer a plethora of services through them, for example, signups, you can buy stuff, you can watch videos.


To enable instant apps,

  • Go to the settings on your phone
  • Roll down to accounts and look for Google
  • Now you may note that the options might be a little different on your device depending on the manufacturer and the UI that you are using.
  • Once you have found Google go into it and search for instant apps
  • Tap on it
  • Toggle the switch to ON, that would bring up a pop-up
  • Select yes, I’m in and you’re done


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In the option, instant apps is not visible it means that instant apps is not supported in the model of your phone.

let us now look at an example of an instant app, we will search for the New York Times crossword in play store which is a very famous crossword and it is available as an instant app. You can see the button “Try Now” is visible right next to the Install button, Opens up the instant app. For us, a quick way to identify an instant app is to see the install button that would not be typically visible in a full-fledged app. However, as you can see the look and feel of the app is exactly similar to what the actual app is and you can use it as is. Once you’re done, just click back so that you can get out of it.


android instant apps, instant apps, google instant apps, how to use instant apps


Going to the Google and Instant apps menu in your settings would bring you to the previous window that we worked on. However, there is a little bit of change. Now, as you can see the instant app that we used which was the New York Times crossword is now visible as one of the apps that we used. You can either let it be so that you can go back to it in the future or you can click on clear app data that should clear the data from the memory and Google will have no records of you using that instant app ever.

let’s take another example, my friend sent me a link to tasty recipes on BuzzFeed video. I don’t have the BuzzFeed video app on my phone when I tap the link I am taken directly to the tasty channel in the Android app. I see a stream of video showing how to make different recipes. This video even starts playing automatically. It is an awesome android app, isn’t it? and I didn’t even have to install it. The app opened up so quickly because it’s been split into modules. Only the code necessary to display these streams was downloaded and run on the fly. If I want to add BuzzFeed video to my home screen, it’s simple to install the full app.


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Let’s take a look at another example, B&H photo and video has a beautiful android app but I don’t necessarily have it on my phone because I don’t shop for cameras every day. With instant apps this is not a problem, Let’s say I search for a camera and see an offer from B&H that I like. With one tap the app opens up. Deep-linked right to the camera, I want to buy; well, technically it’s the deep link right to the Android activity that B&H wrote that displays this product and that’s all the code that Google play needed to download.

android instant apps, instant apps, google instant apps, how to use instant apps, B&H



So, Instant apps work just like if you have the app installed. Android instant apps take two taps not two minutes. If you like the article then share it with your friends and also let me know that how can I make a content better. So, your contribution matters the most.



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