10 Best YouTube tricks and tips every YouTuber should know 2019

Best YouTube tricks and tips every YouTuber should know 2019: In this article, I am going to let you know about best YouTube tricks, that you should be using. These tricks are very useful and will improve your overall YouTube experience.

Best YouTube tricks and tips

By using these YouTube tricks you can enjoy watching videos more efficiently. So, let’s find out what YouTube tricks are useful to you.

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Double tap to seek

This is a personal favorite of mine.

    • If you are watching a video and you want to go back 10 seconds and to go forward 10 seconds, you can just double tap on the left side of your screen and you can go backward or double tap on the right side to go forward.
  • If you want to skip a significant number of seconds, you can just tap on it continuously just skip to the part that you like.
  • You can also select the seek duration, just click on your profile icon and then go to settings then go to general and there you can see double tap to seek. Just click on it and you will see from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. You can just choose from these options to set duration that is really useful with.

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YouTube automatically generates subtitles for most of the videos.

  • You can find out to ten languages in each videos depending on your location.
  • To access the subtitles, just click on the hamburger icon and from the caption menu just choose the subtitle.
  • There might be manual subtitles are also generated. So, Choose auto-generated and next time subtitles will be enabled.
  • You can also choose different settings based on subtitles.
  • You can also go to the settings then go to captions and they can choose the language, text size, and caption style.
  • If you choose black on white, the next time when you’re watching the video subtitles will look black text on white background. it is very useful.

Related videos

When you are watching a video, you can select the next video from the drop-down list that you like to watch, these are called related videos.

  •  But you can also choose the next video that you like to watch more easily while watching a video, just pull up from the bottom and there you can see the related videos and you can choose the next video that you like to watch more easily.

Playback speed

You can also control the playback speed of the video. Previously it was only limited to PC and Mac and now you can also do it on Android and iOS too.

    •  Tap on the hamburger icon and from the drop-down menu just click on playback speed and there you can see 0.25 to 2 times and you can select the speed.
  •  There you can reduce the speed and you can increase the speed. That’s up to you.

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History and Privacy

If you give your phone to someone to watch videos, and the next time you open your YouTube app; the home page will be filled with the recommendation based on the last seen videos.

    • You might want to stop that, just go to the profile icon and then go to settings and there you can see history and privacy, just tap on it.
  • There you can see pause watch history, pause search history and blocked contacts.
  •  You can enable the options when you give your phone to someone and next time you will not be recommended uninteresting videos. It’s really helpful.

360° Videos

Did you know you can watch 360 videos on your Android or iOS device without requiring a VR headset?

    •  To do that just after searching for the term add 360 degree. Or
  •  Just click on the search filter and they can see under the features 360. Click on 360 and then click on apply. The next time only 360 videos will be recommended and then just click on one of the videos that you like to watch and you can enjoy 360-degree videos. It’s really amazing.

Offline Videos

If you happen to live in India or are using YouTube Red, you can download YouTube videos to watch it later offline.

    • To do that just select the video and then click on the download option and there you can see the drop-down menu.
  • There you can set the quality of the video that you like to download and then click on “ok”.
  • You can also automate and you can also select download over Wi-Fi to see all your downloads in one place, just go to the library and there you can see available offline downloaded videos.
  • Just click on it and you can then see your download list and this is one of the best features on the list.

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Change Country

If you don’t like a trending page or you want to see specific videos from another country you can do that.

    • Just by clicking on the profile icon, then go into settings, tap on general and you can see content location.
  • Click on it and then from the drop-down list choose the country that you want to go to, for example, you want to see US trending videos, So select “US”.
  •  Next time the trending page will be from the US. Isn’t this great.

Stats for Nerds

If you want to know more about the technical aspects of the video like device, video ID, video format, your Internet bandwidth, viewport and other draw frames like stuff, then you need to enable stats for nerds.

  • To enable stats for nerds, go to settings and then in general on the bottom of the screen you can see Enable stats for nerds.
  • Just make sure it is enabled. When you are watching a video, just click on the hamburger icon and there you can see stats for nerds click on it to see the technical aspects of the video.

Save mobile data

You know you can change the quality of the video by selecting the resolution but you can also limit data usage.

    • If you are on a limited connection, just go to settings and then go to general. You can see the option “limit mobile data usage”. That is only streaming HD video on Wi-Fi.
  • You can click to enable it and in this way, you can save your mobile data when you are watching videos.


These were the ten YouTube tricks and tips that you should be used to enhance performance and usability to watch YouTube videos. So, if you liked this article, don’t forget to share this with your friends and family and you can like our Facebook and Google+ page as mentioned below in Connect with us section.

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