10 Best Nova Launcher prime apk Tips and Tricks 2018


Best Nova Launcher prime apk Tips and Tricks: If you want to customize your Android device then Launcher is the best choice. Nova Launcher prime would meet your requirement. You can easily download Nova launcher prime from playstore. Nova launcher prime apk 2018 is must have app. Here you can get to know Nova launcher pro tips.

In this post, we will see 10 tips to use your Nova launcher like a pro. Now, some of these tips will only work with the pro version of Nova launcher. So, go ahead and buy it from the playstore. It’s worth, every single penny and possibly is one of the best investment you can make.


Download Nova Launcher Prime apk 2018

You can download Nova launcher prime apk from below,


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Nova Launcher Prime


Tips and Tricks to use Nova launcher prime apk

You can find here some Tips and Tricks you can apply on your Nova launcher prime apk for your android device.

Keep it simple

The less you have on your home screen, the better it looks. And, to keep it minimal, I only use one home screen, and  everything I want to access, can be done in less than 3 steps, which we will discuss later in this post.

Also, open the Desktop settings on Nova launcher and turn off the search bar, scroll indicator, and icon labels etc. And while you are at it, also lock your desktop, this will Prevent accidental rearrangement or deletion of apps on your home screen. Especially if you kids at your home.

Another thing, I find useful is, adjusting the icon size for instance, if you have a bigger screen phone then increase the size of your icons and vice versa. This way you can access your handle your phone easily even with one hand.


Turn on Infinite scroll

One of my favorite nova feature is the infinite scroll. And what it does is, say you reach the far left of the app drawer or your desktop. Now if you want to go back to the other end, then without infinite scroll you will have to go through every screen but with infinite scroll, you can go from the last screen to the first screen.

However, by default this feature is turned OFF so you need to enable it by going settings > app drawer > infinite scroll. Also if you are using multiple desktop that do it for that as well.

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Unread count

So, iOS has a great feature which displays the notification count for any app directly on the icon. Now, even though this is useful, Android doesn’t have it. But guess, with nova launcher support badges. All you have to do, install its plug in called teslaunread from Google play And then you will start seeing the unread counter on popular apps like phone, call, hangout, WhatsApp etc.


Hide application

Now there are some apps that we have to install for other apps to work, but generally, we don’t have to open them. A very good example of this would be this tesla unread app that we have just installed. So, We need this app BUT WE DON’T NEED IT on app drawer and SIMILARLY THERE ARE MANY APPS WHICH ARE CLUTTERING OUR APP drawer.

So, let’s hide them with simply press and hold the app you want to hide and drag them to edit and uncheck the app folder and that’s it. To do this for multiple apps, go to nova launcher settings and look for hide app option. Now anytime you want to use this app open the app drawer and search for its name.

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Take backup in cloud

So few weeks back I was playing with my lock screen pattern Basically, I was trying to find the hardest lock screen pattern and unfortunately, I was successful. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t remember the pattern and eventually had to factory reset my device. Now, the worst part of this experience was, I had to re-configure each and every setting on my nova launcher.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I did have the backup but it’s was store locally. Also, it got wiped out like everything else in the factory reset. So moral of the story is — always take backup and store it on the cloud. And nova launcher is pretty good at it, go to nova settings and under backup and Import, tap on backup. Now, remember to save the backup to your Google drive. And nova launcher will create the backup of everything other than the wallpaper you have set, but that’s not a big problem.


Activity Widget

Another powerful yet less known feature is Activity Widget. And what it does is — say you want to control a very specific part of the app, like creating a desktop shortcut to toggle Wifi or Bluetooth or control any other app. Now to do that, you have to use the widgets and if that app doesn’t have the widget then you have download an extra app for play store. But nova launcher has a hidden setting that can access all these shortcuts.

First, go to widget and under nova launcher, select the activity widget and drag it to the home screen. Now you can choose any activity shortcut for the app. For instance, I want a shortcut for toggle my Wifi network. So, I will go to settings and look for wifi settings. Now, one common problem here is, it’s hard to tell what exactly this shortcut is going to do, since most of them have the similar name. So for that, simply press and hold the option and it will show you the preview and once confirm tap on the shortcut to add it on the home screen. Very powerful and very useful.

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Create folder

Now everyone knows how to create folder on nova launcher. Simply hold the app and put it over one another. However, do you know nova launcher also support folder on app drawer. For instance,  I want to group some of the apps under single folder. So that I can clear up some space and make my app drawer tidy. So to do that. Tap and hold any one of the app and drag to it to edit option and create a new group for it. Let’s give it a name of the folder which contain this apps. Now, it will add a new folder on the app drawer and you can add all the other apps to it in a similar fashion. And whenever you open the folder, it will put all the other apps in the app drawer out of focus. Now, that’s something cool. And nova also syncs the folder, so if you add a new app to the desktop folder it will also appear in the app drawer folder.



Do you know that there is a hidden menu in the nova settings called labs. And to reveal that, press down the volume down button three times and it will appear at the bottom of the settings. Now, to be honest, you won’t find anything useful in this section unless you are a developer. But, there are few cool things to play with, like you can enable this export png option. So, when you can extract the transparent image of widgets and icons etc. Again not very useful, but definitely cool.


Swipe up

Now, this swipe option is the second most useful feature of nova launcher. And let me give an example of what it does. So, we have inbox for two things, mostly one to read my emails and second to send an email. Right? Now, you can get both these action from a single gesture. For instance, If I open the app, it will open the regular mail box and if I swipe up the app icon it will launch the compose box.

Similarly, taping on chrome will open the browser and swiping up will open google now voice search. Now, lets see how to do this on YouTube app. So, I want to open the YouTube creator app when I swipe up the YT app and to do that. Hold the YT app icon > go to edit > and under swipe up > choose any action you want to perform. For this instance, I will add YouTube app. But if you do so, there is also an option to add activity which means you can possibly add anything.

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Gesture is the best thing a Andorid can have. In fact, I strongly believe, Google should have this feature built-in in every version of Android. So what it does, it makes it very easy to use my big 6-inch phone with one hand. For instance to access my quick settings, simply swipe down the desktop to open app drawer, all I have to do is swipe up, similarly two finger swipe down will open notification and two-finger swipe up will open the camera app and most useful one is double tap to turn OFF the screen. And guess what if you are rooted then this gesture will work with smart lock as well and you won’t have to enter the pin, if the phone is still in your hand, so now to get this gesture you need a paid version of nova launcher and like I said it’s totally worth it and then go to settings and gesture. Now, I have linked my gesture to things I do most. Gesture also works with tasks and activities, so yeah, possibilities are limitless.



Well, this is all about some tips of Nova Launcher prime. I hope you find this article useful. Also, let me know how do you customize your Android in the comments below. Thanks for spending  your precious time to read this article.


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