Android P 9.0 Features and Preview 2018


Android P 9.0 Features and Preview : I have a special place in my heart for Android operating system. I won’t say I am aware of every hidden Android P features that exists but there is still people who own a device want to explore Android P 9.0 to the fullest and the same might go for most of the  Android users.

Recently Google dropped the first developer preview of Android P 9.0 that is going to be the next big iteration of the Android operating system. This latest version has plenty of changes and probably you already know most of them. But, today I am going to show you some amazing hidden features of Android P that you might have a noticed yet. Excited! so let’s get started.


What are some useful Android P 9.0 features?

You can find some of Android P features in this article. So one by one I will show you latest Android P OS features.

Lock Landscape Mode

For those of us who hate the accidental rotation of their phone’s display after sudden movement. Android has always included the ability to log the screen in portrait mode. However, let’s say you lock your screen in portrait mode but want to read an article which is easier to view in landscape, currently the only way to switch orientation was to re-enable autorotation from the quick settings. But, with Android P this just got a whole lot easier when you lock your display orientation and shift your device to landscape, a fourth icon will appear in your navigation bar to the left of the backyou can rotate your phone button. Selecting this button will change the orientation to landscape and lock the rotation when you want to return to portrait mode. You can rotate your phone and select the same button to adjust your display and lock the position.


Turn on Bluetooth Automatically when Driving

Hidden away in the developer’s option, there is an interesting new menu called feature flags, for using which you can toggle a few in development features one of them is called setting Bluetooth while driving which when enabled shows a new toggle in connection preferences, used Bluetooth when driving. The feature is self-explanatory but it’s the kind of thing you would expect from an automation app like Tasker. Although, Android Oreo introduced a similar feature for Wi-Fi connectivity so it’s not too surprising to see such a feature from Bluetooth. But, still it could be quite useful.


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Support for Notches

With Android P Google is offering official support for camera and sensor cutouts and what we accommodate notches for all sizes. The display cutout API is a lot developer find out the location and shape for non-functional areas where content shouldn’t be displayed and designed their apps accordingly. For those of you, running the preview, go into developer’s options, scroll down to drawing and select stimulate a display with a cutout.


New Volume controls

If you are using the first Developer Preview of Android P then you might have already noticed the redesigned volume control that looks amazing. But, what you might have noticed is that Android P video controls are the default volume adjusted. When using the volume rockers then the new volume menu and would be include a toggle to adjust the ringer as well. With one tap user can quickly toggle between vibrate and mute which is quite useful and gets the job done in a much better way. You can also keep track of media output if you are quite used to off Bluetooth devices.


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Lockdown Mode

Next up we have lockdown mode. Android P allows you to temporarily disable biometric authentication methods and smart lock. Especially in a situation of distress, you can momentarily prevent someone from forcing you to unlock your device. After activating the lockdown mode, a person is required to use the PIN, pattern or Password to unlock the device. To unlock this new security feature in Android P, just go to security and location in your settings then tap lock screen preferences under device security. Next just make sure to toggle on show locked on option and you are all set. If you don’t see this option, it’s probably because you chose a swipe screen lock instead of a pattern, PIN or password.


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Indoor navigation

Next up we have indoor navigation in Google Maps and this might be my favorite Android P features so far. Google Maps is a lifesaver, no doubt about that. It can be frustrating to rely on Google Maps when you are inside a mall and office building or even an indoor sky walk. Now as long as your device has the hardware support, apps can take advantage of Android P’s new RTT API is to estimate the device’s indoor position. Usually accurate within one to two meters. Google points out with this accuracy, you can build new experiences like in building navigation and fine-grained location-based services especially when you are using smart home devices. The quick setting tiles received a major design revamp and the most controversial change is perhaps the fact that you can no longer expand the tiles.

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Alarm Clock Quick Setting Tile

Not every change is bad. Though, as the new quick setting time for alarm has a few fairly useful features. First, it lets show you the time until the next alarm. Second, you can tap on it to view the upcoming alarm. Finally, you can long press on it to set a new alarm. It is by no means a major feature but it’s certainly welcome for those of us who prefer minimalistic.


Security, revamped

Home screens security improvements are given with each Android update these days and Android P is no exception. With the latest OS, Google goes beyond simply addressing bugs and closing loopholes and blocks the app from recording you secretly and offer more encryption for backups and repeal limits and apps access to the Mike camera and sensor when an app goes idle. This prohibits malicious app from recording you through various sensors and mic without permission.

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Select Text more precisely

Another change in Android P is that now backups are encrypted with a client-side. Your PIN, pattern or password is used to encrypt your data before it leaves your device. While texting or emailing we usually use the text selector to select some specific texts and the Android P update this might just get a lot easier. As now, we have a zoom lens effect while selecting text which is really helpful in selecting more precise text.



With Android P it looks Google is focusing on changes which improve the overall experience of the user and these are some amazing hidden features that you should definitely try out. If you think I have missed any hidden feature then to let me know that in the comment section.



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